Law, fairness and freedom

For many years now, the law of the land has always been dominated by certain people only, and the common people have always been helpless!

There are many basic questions in this field, such as: Why there is a need for good sets of Laws? How to make the laws? Why there is a need to enforce the Laws? Why there is a need to have a good court to negotiate the laws? What is fair? what is right? How to create a fair atmosphere with happy civilians where they can reach their potentials, and with their freedom preserved?

Unfortunately due to the political powers, and certain people, things always get more complicated than it really needs to be!
For example, the Bill of rights and or the Human Rights are a good example of how people could unite in agreeing in a certain minimum entitlements when it comes to the Rights of a person. We are at a certain level of maturity and expertise that almost everything can be sorted out and finalized if there is any willingness to do so!

Each of the above questions need its own discussion which it will be elaborated in the future.

However, here is a short summary to the above matters:

We need laws and rules to do things in our daily lives. We need rules to operate, and deal with one another.
Exactly like a game, and or a sport, there is a need for the rules/laws for it to be played. So the rules should be as simple as possible; so it must be focused, minimized, fair, and flexible or rigid depending to its purpose!

To put things in a context, Since soccer is so popular, this sport is being used for comparison.

So one part of the rules is for the structure of the game, the boundaries, the goals opposing each other, and the two teams. The main purpose of this part is for the fun and challenge of the game.

Then, there is the operation of the game; how to play the game; which is basically the players using all their body parts except hands to hit the ball inside their opponents goal. Only the goal keeper is able to use his hands and only in the penalty area. The main focus of this part is to keep things fun but also fair for all the participants.

The other part is about the administration, giving a certain power to a referee to observe the players and the game. The main focus of this part is to keep the game fun and fair by mainly keeping the safety of the players, and avoiding conflict so that when it comes to the disagreements there is a neutral person to decide. However, in many countries, many people play and have fun without the referee! So this part is not being as integral part when it comes to many local games.
Any ways, things look simple and the game is being enjoyed by many! So it is very easy to see that if a fair set of law is established and monitored fairly, the situation can be managed and to be enjoyed. Here, one can see how our values and cultures are as important in playing the game!

Now in a daily operations, there will always be breaches of laws and for different reasons!
So it is necessary to have a good court with a fair justice system. Initially there were experienced judges being used only. Later, due to the limitations in the fairness and henceforth the lack of justice, a group of people called jury can be chosen to judge for a situation instead; so now there are options of only one expert person as a judge or a group of common people as a jury. Regardless, both situations are influenced by the culture of the land...

When it comes to the law, the government (the administration, the law makers), the enforcement (the police, the enforcers of the law), and the judiciary (the courts, the judges, the decision makers, and the lawyers, the jury (so the people too)), they all play an integral part of a legal system. To many it is very clear that 'the separation of power' is very necessary!
This is also very visible when one puts it in the Soccer sport context. However, many places such as New Zealand, the same people were involved (in power) in different sectors of the law system, having a clear 'conflict of interests'.  

Actually, in many places, the law has been very immoral, and it should've been unlawful!
The law varies from a place to place, or time to time, due to the political and national borders (the powers at the time and or shifts of the power in places), and unfortunately, not due to the fairness, justice and or righteousness of a matter!

Good Laws improve our ways of life, being of a Simple, Finite, & Focused kind.

History becomes very significant in our Laws as it affects our Values and Characters, which are as important as the LAW of the land.

Ukes Baha